Pre-purchase or pre-sale valuations

When buying or selling a property, we can help you understand the local market value of a property asset to assist you in making an informed decision on the sale or purchase of a property

A pre-purchase or a pre-sale valuation provides an estimate of the value of a property taking all local market factors into consideration. This includes market factors that contribute to the value of the property, such as market conditions, demand and supply of similar properties, economic conditions and other factors which may have an impact on marketability and value of the property. We also have access to a comprehensive sales databases including reliable and accurate industry sources (sales of recent comparable properties in the surrounding area) which we analyse to determine how much someone would pay for the property.

Whether it’s for a single residential holding, commercial, industrial, retail, agribusiness, rural holdings or any another specialised property asset, Opteon can assist with strategic marketing advice to ensure that the property achieves its greatest potential and accurate property market value assessment.

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