Land Acquisition, Resumption & Compensation Valuations

If the Government, Council or any acquiring authority has advised of a proposed resumption of any part of your property, an assessment at Fair Market Value is required to maximise your just compensation

There are times when Central or Local government entities and private enterprises acquire land or property to be used for development for public purposes. If you have been notified that they intend to acquire land or property under the relevant Act, a valuation for compensation purposes and an assessment at fair market value is required.

Regardless of the property type or jurisdiction, Opteon has a specialised valuation team that understand the requirements of the relevant legislation and will ensure that our clients are adequately represented and compensated. Our team will provide an independent valuation to assist in the compensation process, and the cost of the valuation report may even be reimbursed by the acquiring party.

What is the Acquisition of Land?

The acquisition of land is undertaken in accordance with the relevant legislation pertaining to the acquiring authority. The Public Works Act 1981 provides a legislative framework to determine the amount of compensation entitled for an acquisition.

What are Land Acquisition, Resumption & Compensation Valuations?

Most privately owned land, required by government for public purposes, is acquired by negotiation and agreement between the land owner and the acquiring authority. When a land owner and acquiring authority are unable to negotiate the purchase of the land, an independent valuation is required to determine the market value. In fact it is highly recommended that in every instance of land acquisition, a valuation should be obtained by the Titleholder.

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