Construction Progress Assessments

Our valuers work with our team of specialist Quantity Surveyors to accurately ensure that cost control is maintained throughout the construction process

Whether it is a construction or renovation to a single residential dwelling, through to a large scale specialised development, Opteon has an experienced team of valuers and quantity surveyors to provide you with specialist advice.

Our team can work with you to ensure that cost control is maintained throughout the construction process and deliver an assessment for a progress claim payment schedule. This includes assessing and reviewing the builder’s progress claims, as well as assessing any variations or delays in claims.

What are Construction Progress Assessments?

Construction Progress Assessments, also commonly known as drawdown assessments or progress payments, is the process of determining the appropriate payments made to the builder, as work progresses under a building contract.

Who would need a Construction Progress Assessment?

Normally Financial Institutions/lenders would request drawdowns or construction progress payment reports to pay the builder for part of the work or stage completed when financing the loan or as per the agreed conditions of the executed building contract. Developers or private owners who have engaged or entered into a building contract without financing the project can also utilise these services to obtain unbiased independent advice.

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